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Ethos & Values

Our motto

Every pupil matters … Every moment counts

Our Mission

To prepare every pupil for each stage of their life by providing a safe, supportive environment in which the strengths they possess can be built upon to achieve their full potential.


Our Aims and Values

At Woodsetton our vision is to be a school that works proactively with the wider school community to value each individual child, their voice and their aspirations; ensuring we provide the personalised stepping stones they need to succeed and celebrate each achievement along the way.

We aim to:

  • provide a learning environment for pupils, staff and all members of the community, that is well structured, motivating and stimulating.
  • provide learning opportunities and experiences for pupils to experience and learn in a variety of different ways and through a rich, varied and individualised broad and balanced curriculum.
  • provide and develop the highest quality teaching and learning opportunities for all pupils.
  • give pupils a voice so that they are able to express opinions, choices and preferences, promoting their independence, confidence and self-efficacy
  • know each individual pupil as thoroughly as we can, including any circumstances which might affect their wellbeing, behaviour and performance at any moment in time.
  • work collaboratively with professionals and parents to share information, knowledge and expertise to ensure all of the pupils needs are met.
  • prepare our pupils with the skills, confidence & skills to move on to their next step with increasing independence.
  • ensure that pupils feel safe, secure and comfortable to enable them to focus on learning, ensuring staff have clarity and act on policies and procedures.
  • support all pupils to value and respect the diversity of culture, religion, language and gender in a multicultural society.
  • recognise, celebrate and share all of the pupil’s achievements with the school community.
  • use individuals' interests, skills and experiences to enhance the education of pupils and staff.
  • enable our pupils to develop into good citizens and to participate actively in their local communities finding ways to encourage those in the wider community to notice what they have in common with the pupils as much as what makes them different.