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There are 10 pupils in Woodpeckers Class, who are supported by Miss Lappage (Class Teacher) and Teaching Assistants. The children within Woodpeckers class form part of our Pathway 2 (KS1).

In Woodpeckers class, we ensure that we continue to build upon and extend the experiences that the children have had during their early years. We move towards more structured topic-based learning and encourage our pupils to explore a variety of activities and experiences in which they can develop their confidence and independence. All children have targets in English and Maths and are supported to overcome their barriers to learning. Each term the children will encounter a different topic which allows for exciting and engaging learning experiences for all. We complete a phonics lesson every morning.

Woodpeckers class aims to facilitate all communication needs and promote an inclusive classroom environment. Within the classroom, children will experience working in small groups and on a 1:1 basis. We want our children to feel safe, confident and comfortable and are encouraged to become more independent learners in readiness for Key Stage 2.

In Woodpeckers class all of our learners are valued, and we aim for every child to do their very best to achieve their full potential. We are proud of all of the pupils in Woodpeckers class, and we will always aim to inspire every child to do their best.


Class updates

Phonics & Reading

In phonics we are focussing on learning the level 2 phonemes and graphemes. Some of us are learning the ‘tricky words’ of ‘in’, ‘to’, ‘no’, ‘go’. We do daily phonics which helps the children consolidate their knowledge.

English including Communication

In English we are developing our personalised language targets from speech & language. We are also using the Wellcomm language tool. We will making marks to represent our name and will be working on our fine motor skills for pre writing.


In Maths, we are continuing to develop our number and place value skills. We are practising our counting and number language. We are looking at money, and hope to make simple transactions.


In PSHE we are learning about challenges and how to cope with them. We will be taking part in puzzles, fine motor activities and will be learning to persevere when we find tasks a challenge!